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12 Dec 2017

Fanburst approach music sharing in a new way

marketing/online Fanburst approach music sharing in a new way

Fanburst is a new platform launched about one year ago. They are getting attention since media call them the new SoundCloud. We all know that SoundCloud had some significant financial problems over the last months. The big question is; will SoundCloud still exist in 5 years? Since 2008 they grow fast, growing also comes with financial obligations. Could a new technology and artist minded start-up replace this? We’ll have a look.


Traditional platforms work with ads to earn money. For example, YouTube, television, newspapers and SoundCloud. This is important for them to keep going and pay their needed employees.

But these days, fans and users of platforms are getting in the luxurious position of not looking at adds anymore. With browser tools like Adblocker and paid subscriptions, they don’t have to see advertisements all day. We are fine with an add, as long if you can decide for yourself to look at it and ignore it.

If we look at the future, companies should be more innovative with their business model. There are other ways to earn money; this already has proven itself in many ways.

Fanburst is not working with any adds; they are working on tools in the background that are helping the artist. For example, merchandise sale and ticket sales integrated into the platform. With business models like that, they help the artist and fan base.

Artists on Fanburst


Joey Bada$$


And of course, we are getting started as well!

Inside Audio


The last years there have been start-ups replacing traditional companies with a new approach and smaller teams. With a new vision of creating technology for the audience instead of linking it directly to a business model, startups are making a change.

Big data and automation of technology make us think here at Inside Audio that this could be very big and offer new possibilities of musicians.

For more information check-out Fanburst.

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