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31 Aug 2017

Focusrite: Get Regroover Essential for free until 28 September

other Focusrite: Get Regroover Essential for free until 28 September

Focusrite has arranged for an exciting, one-of-a-kind Plug-in Collective offer for its customers. Until 28 September, all Focusrite hardware customers can download Accusonus Regroover Essential (normally priced at $99) for free by signing in to their Focusrite accounts.

Plug-in Collective increases the value of becoming a Focusrite interface owner by bringing exclusive offers, tutorial content and more. Focusrite takes a lot of care selecting specific plug-in companies that reinforce its brand values of simplicity, beauty and adventurousness, and believes that Accusonus is no exception.

Regroover Essential is an award-winning, unique plug-in and creative tool that can transform drum loops and samples into new beats and grooves, create endless variations, or allow sounds to be remixed and isolated inside a stereo loop.

Regroover uses Artificial-Intelligence to extract layers from within previously recorded beats and samples. Regroover can unmix loops into distinct sound layers to isolate favourite sounds, uncover previously inaccessible sounds from inside loops, and create new beats and music from the isolated loop elements.

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