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12 Aug 2017

Giveaway: A celebration of the drum machine that changed everything.

producer/hardware Giveaway: A celebration of the drum machine that changed everything.

Splice – 8 Days Of 808 – Today, Splice celebrates Roland’s TR-808, the iconic drum machine that changed popular music history. While the cultural impact of the influential instrument has been exhaustively explored in many mediums, in this campaign Splice explores the drum machine for a musician audience and from a musical perspective.

From “Beat Breakdowns” of iconic songs that feature the instrument, to tips on how to mix and master 808 sounds, to a Q&A with the award-winning engineer Bob Power, Splice will release a piece of content each day over the course of eight days on a dedicated campaign microsite.

Splice, which is committed to leveraging technology to improve the music creation process, celebrates the 808 as a pivotal technological development in modern music. With its synthetic sounds, the 808 facilitated the emergence of electronic music, and as a standalone rhythm sequencer, it ushered in the earliest era of bedroom producing. Today, Splice seeks to create technology that similarly pushes the boundaries of music creation for the next generation of artists.

The culmination of the “8 Days of 808” is a giveaway. One lucky musician who enters their email on the campaign microsite will win an original TR-808!

Click here to enter.

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