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13 Dec 2017

Grammy-winning producer Rik Simpson has joined Sonarworks Reference Software

producer/hardware Grammy-winning producer Rik Simpson has joined Sonarworks Reference Software

Grammy-winning producer Rik Simpson has joined the music creators who rely on Sonarworks Reference software to remove colouration from their studio sound. With calibrated reference sound they can work for with confidence.

Recently Sonarworks, the creators of the award-winning Reference software, sat down with Grammy-winning producer Rik Simpson to talk about Sonarworks Reference software. This video interview features both producer Rik Simpson and Martins Popelis, Co-founder and VP of Products at Sonarworks; it took place at Coldplay's studio in London.

During the interview, Simpson talks about the benefits of using Sonarworks Reference software when mixing, "I know that I can sense my music quicker and deeper than I could before and that is really important." He talks about the focus the software brings to the process "I can hear things in more detail, so I am not going around in circles as much as I used to."

Expressing how critical the software has become to his mix process, Simpson says; "I know for a fact that I would have liked to have had it when I was mixing the last Coldplay album.” 

Also featured on the video Popelis talks about the vision behind Sonarworks and their desire to make mixing better for all, regardless of budget.

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