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31 Jul 2017

How to cheat with your equalizer and 7 helpful tips!

producer/software How to cheat with your equalizer and some helpful tips!

Every producer worked with an Equalizer (EQ), it's one of the most used effects in music product and audio editing. It's a very important effect and adjustment to get a clean mix and to change the sound of audio. An EQ simply cut out or increase a specific range of frequencies from low till high (20 HZ till 20000 HZ) normally. Below we uploaded some cheat sheets to print and hang next to your setup, this will give you a better idea of the different ranges where a sound is placed.


  • Don't use a visual equalizer where you can see the waveform moving. Why? Train your ears and listen which frequency you want to increase or cut out. You can understand and hear audio way better when you keep doing this, not only when your EQ'ing.
  • If you want some extra help you can download the EQ cheat sheets below, this will make your understanding better from some sounds and their frequency ranges.
  • Don't cut out too much, work with a few DB's higher or lower, unless it's really necessary.
  • If you automate an EQ you can make cool filters, for example before a drop.
  • Learn the meaning of a low pass filter and high pass filter.
  • Remove the sound you don't want to hear and don't boost the good ones instead.
  • Mute everything and EQ sound by sound to get the right vision on your mix.

Download cheat sheet 1

Download cheat sheet 2

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