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26 Jul 2017

Improve your workflow with learning FL Studio shortcuts

producer/techniques Improve your DAW workflow with learning shortcuts

Improving your workflow is a critical but underrated topic for producers. Especially when we are going to talk about using shortcuts to improve your workflow. If you want to get skilled in your DAW and professional, you should know all the basics shortcuts. For example, the producer Headhunterz forces himself to use shortcuts and not his mouse. In the beginning, this may take a bit longer, but after a few weeks, you work WAY faster. Therefore, we recommend learning all the shortcuts, for example, FL Studio. FL Studio shortcuts and Logic Pro shortcuts are easy to learn and a big improvement.

FL Studio Shortcuts 2019

FL Studio provides explicit lists on their shortcuts. This will help you to switch between different screens and adjustments with no mouse, only keyboard. When you learn all the FL Studio shortcuts, you can work fast and race in your FL Studio project to make adjustments. You become an FL Studio pro within the tips of your fingers. FL Studio shortcuts can be hard to learn but force yourself to learn them and make it easy for yourself to look them up. If you want to be successful – never stop learning!

Check the official list by FL Studio on this page.

Work faster in FL Studio

Imagine working faster, like you organise your folders to save time. You also should learn those shortcuts no matter which DAW you use. Logic shortcuts, FL Studio shortcuts, Ableton shortcuts you can find them all on the internet. You can save tons of clicks each time you learn a new shortcut and time, this time you can spend on making more music!

Tools to learn FL Studio shortcuts

There are various ways to learn shortcuts out of your head. Some are more effective than others. So are there FL Studio shortcuts keyboards and you can find them on the internet and print them for example. Our experience is that they need to be close to your work set-up. With keyboards, it’s often that you should change your keyboard and the one with shortcuts is most of the times, not the best keyboard. We from Inside Audio created a high-quality FL Studio shortcut mousepad with the best shortcuts on it. The FL Studio shortcut mousepad is tested by famous producers and approved. At the same time affordable, perfect size and you can use them for years without fading colors. Check our webshop for more information or send us a message. We hope you will learn all the FL Studio shortcuts no matter which tool you use!

Workfaster in FL Studio?

Made for: Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason and ProTools!

Check FL Studio mousepads

DAW Shortcut mousepad for Ableton, FL Studio and Logic
DAW Shortcut mousepad for Ableton, FL Studio and Logic
DAW Shortcut mousepad for Ableton, FL Studio and Logic

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