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22 Jul 2018

Interview w/ The Him 'somebody brought his dog wearing ear protectors to a festival!'

other/interviews Interview w/ The Him at Inside Audio 'somebody brought his dog wearing ear protectors to a festival!'

Welcome! How is it going?

Thanks, guys. We are doing great. Actually writing this interview while we are on set for a photo shoot.

For those people that may not know you, who are you? And what are you doing?

We are Jeroen & Steven a dj/producer duo from Amsterdam, we make deep house and electronic music. We're called The Him!

Tell us something about your latest release, and things that are coming up.

We are releasing a new single every 2 months. 'Everybody Hurts' was written in LA with a really talented writer called Ivy Adara from Australia. It is doing really well on Spotify! We will be releasing our new single 'Always' next Friday the 10th of November.

We give your 2 options, you choose 1 and explain why you chose them.

- Producing / Performing

It all starts with producing music. Without this, there is no performing :)!

- Tomorrowland / Ultra

Both are amazing!

- Single / Remix

Single of course! We still love to remix because it all started there for us. But to play your own music live and see how people react to that is the best feeling in life!

Bucket list talk, what would you like to do?

We can't wait to play shows in Asia! And ummm.. maybe reaching the Spotify top 50 one day :D.

Tell us the weirdest things you've ever experienced in this scene.

Don't know if this was the weirdest thing but last week we're playing a festival and somebody brought his dog wearing ear protectors!

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