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12 Dec 2017

Interview with the president from Arturia about NAMM and Artificial Intelligence

producer/hardware Interview with Frederic Brun President at Arturia

Arturia is nominated in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, at the 33rd Annual NAMM TEC Awards, being held during The NAMM Show, January 27. More information is available here.

Good reason for Inside Audio to do an interview with Arturia president Frederic Brun!

How did the process go starting out with building icon synthesizers? 
It starts very early, much before the start of the project itself. You get ideas, you embrace possibilities, you wonder if... Then debut talks with other passionate people around, and ideas confront. If you are lucky to have a diverse and good bunch of people discussing, some options will come from R&D, some from marketing, others from sales... Eventually, someone has to catalyze all that into one vision and start writing specifications. He then has to resist many temptations along the way: the temptation to add more, to listen to everyone's request, to do something that pleases everyone...

With work, time and humility it works.

How important is the NAMM conference for Arturia? 
Winter NAMM is now our main show even if Arturia appears, directly or through their distributor, on more than 50 shows and events every year. NAMM is cool. It's demanding but fun and energizing. It's a place where you meet people you like, year after year.

What is the most challenging part of developing an impressive synth? 
Driving the extra mile. To make a real good instrument you have to invest a bit more at every stage. Make sure things are strong in regard to the product definition, to development, to testing, sound-design, industrialization, documentation... It is easy, especially at the end of a project, to let things go because it is "good enough", or time to move on.

At the same time, you have to be pragmatic and avoid creating complexity or losing sight of what really brings value to the musician. So the persistence is not on doing more on the product, it's doing what's needed in the project.

Do you see any exciting technology coming that can help creating innovative synthesizers? 
Yes, for sure. Artificial Intelligence brings opportunities to the musical experience and to the definition of synthesizers. Imagine a synthesizer learning your tastes and understanding your needs, offering suggestions for sounds and helping with melodies.

We also see new types of controls appearing on the market, that could also unlock some creative potential. It is probably just the beginning there and a good source of opportunities. 

I don't think we have taken much from the possibilities brought by the Internet as well. How about accessing large date, online, to generate new sounds or co-produce? I don't even think we have taken benefit of wireless possibilities that came out recently.

I could go on as there are, for sure, many possibilities. It's a good time to be innovative.

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