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17 Jan 2019

Learn How to Program Your Drums Creatively with Point Blank & Risa T

producer/techniques Learn How to Program Your Drums Creatively with Point Blank & Risa T

Point Blank have shared a new video tutorial from Risa T, this time focussing on how to program drums in Logic creatively.

Firing up her remix of Hoodboi’s ‘Glide‘ once again, the former Point Blank student pulls back the curtain on the techniques she uses to get her drums sounding so tight. Drums can play a crucial part in your song (dependant on what you’re making) as they can act as the glue which holds all of the elements together. Finely tuning your drums can make a big difference to how the final product sounds and feels so it’s important to get them right. If you’ve got your drums locked down but are in need of help with other elements in your music production, Point Blank have you covered. They offer courses in Music Production & Sound Engineering, as well as DJing, Radio Broadcasting and more, and are taught by their industry professional tutors. Watch the previous vocal remixing tutorial with Risa here and check out her tips on polishing your drums now.

During the video, Risa breaks down the different elements she used to build her beat and how she incorporated some of the original track’s percussion stems into the mix. To add new grooves to her pre-existing loops Risa experiments with Logic Pro’s inbuilt swing feature and demonstrates how she adds subtle hits to add texture to her patterns. Automating your drum pitch is a great way to wrap up different phrases throughout your track and make sections flow seamlessly together – she’ll show you how to master the basics of this technique too and more. Keep up to date with Risa by following her Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

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