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10 Aug 2016

Expand your fan base on SoundCloud!

10 Aug 2016
marketing Expand your fan base on SoundCloud!

For an artist, it is often making a number known process, but the next stage is also very important. A number that is not listening is a sin, so make sure that your number is going to be listened to. Give the timing is very important for example, even a preview or put a short video online that explains something about the song. This carefully plan and organize comes across as a structured release.

A number which is not listened to sin...

You send your number to your friends and family react this be your first fans, but the natural listeners stay away. Recognizable? Then read some helpful tips below!


1. First things first make great music!

This sounds very logical, and also get the premise of more plays. Word of mouth is in my mind to this day the best advertising there is, but how do you get this? If your number is really very good the audience is going to naturally talk and send. Am therefore very critical of yourself and do not put just anything online!

Listeners on SoundCloud love originality. A song with an original sound and experimental sounds will stand out more among the millions of songs, also advertises it as your producer. A unique sound is one of the major concerns for a producer!

2. Build your music network!

Connect with labels and YouTube channels. In the Facebook group: The Future of House, for example, are much channel owners and big names such Mesto and Mike Williams. Mail your number and set around an exclusive release. you InterSeer sincerity in the music of others this by Liking, repurchase agreements and give comments on the numbers. Create a contact list of YouTube channels, Facebook pages and blogs that match your numbers. With each new release, you can approach them and do not maintain this contact.

3. Growth Hack tools

Anno 2016 there are several tools that compel your audience to follow. The website Artist Union bid here for example a solution. You can give away downloads exchange for a follow on SoundCloud. With new releases you can as an artist choose to give away the release download via this gate Artist Union.

4. Cymatics

Cymatics has a very interesting video that addresses the big picture. Very valuable to look!

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