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10 Aug 2016

The kings of marketing

producer/techniques The kings of marketing

The marketing and branding of an artist is essential. Your tracks, for example, are quite perfect, but didint you think about your profile? it will not work ... Deamau5 and Marshemllo have their branding on point!


Marshmello managed to create a big hype about him as an artist, because of the question 'who is he'? Meanwhile, the rumors that have also substantiated that he is the DJ's and producers: Dotcom. Despite everything, people are talking about him as an artist and this picks up very positive. He is inundated with bookings and gigs with Skrillex and Diplo, among others. This is undoubtedly a very well thought and worked out strategy. #keepitmello #mellogang


Deadmau5 has a big spot in the EDM scene. Deadmau5 has it all; branding, unique style and an impressive studio. Especially in America Deadmau5 is a legend in the scene, the tattoos of his mask are also hundreds of times printed on the bodies of his fans. Resulting in a lot of name recognition.

Should every DJ and producer have a mask?

Do not think that you immediately have to design a mask for yourself as an artist! But listen to your music in terms of style and what fits? Be yourself and do what you like. Is your music good enough? It is certainly worth thinking about the experience and branding.

Branding comes after music

Deadmau5 has regular Twitter beef ... Now these two have also had a Twitter beef.

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