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25 Nov 2017

PAU - Create music anytime and anywhere a pocket sized drum

instruments/percussion-instruments Bethm gives everyone the means to create music anytime and anywhere

Drumming seems like the most intuitive music instrumental skill to pick up. However, decent drums are most of the time expensive and hard to move to different places, this can hold people back from taking their first steps of learning it. Musicians like to create music by nature, even as they are travelling or taking a stroll, but are unable to do so, as these instruments are too heavy for them to bring everywhere. Phone apps? You cannot make music on your phone app, if you are not looking at your phone. What if you are crossing a busy street?

That is how these group of music-loving engineers, calling themselves Bethm, came about with their first product, PAU.

PAU is an intuitive, lightweight, and compact handheld music-making device, that gives everyone the means to create music, anytime and anywhere.

‘PAU seeks to give more people the chance to uncover their music-making talent, and give people the means to produce something value-added conveniently, during their most inspirational moments, which can happen literally any time.’ said Pek Yun Ning, CEO of Bethm. ‘Even musicians need something small and convenient for them to create different instrumental sounds, as they are performing.’ 


Individuals with no musical background and musicians alike were excited to hear about a product that gives them the opportunity to create music on the go.

‘I've had many paus in my life, but this one was special. It’s super cute, makes noises and revealed some band mechanics which I never got to see before (standing drummer holding a pau to play beats and tuning the output sound with a mixer) - snazzy.’ said Chin Joo Ern, drummer of Singapore University of Technology and Design’s bands. ‘I think the greatest value is in its potential to reduce set up logistics when a band just wants to jam and have fun. Hoping to eventually see a gig performed by pau wielding musicians.’

Stretch goals for their Kickstarter include:

  • Recording function – Record and save the beats you’re most proud of
  • App for different sounds – A dedicated app that allows you to switch instruments
  • Touch and feel – Hone PAU to feel as good as it can in your hands
  • Bluetooth – Connect to speakers without the need for wires
  • Colours – Add a personal touch to your PAU with the option to mix, match and customise

Stretch goals are part of Bethm’s next stage of development, which will be pursued depending on how well the response is in terms of their Kickstarter funding, when their campaign ends (14 December 2017).

Bethm is a music company built by a group of engineers specialised in product development, systems development, and computer science. They all have a common passion of integrating music and technology, to improve lives of the masses.

Pledge with their Kickstarter today, link at the recap below.


  • Pros

    Great for creativity on the road.

  • Cons

    Still a Kickstarter project.

  • Price


  • Website

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