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17 Aug 2020

Point Blank Shows How to Link GameObjects with Audio Events in FMOD

producer Point Blank Shows How to Link GameObjects with Audio Events in FMOD

Ever wondered how the sounds for video games are created and applied? Well, if so, you’re in luck. Point Blank’s latest online tutorial taster demonstrates just this focusing on how to attach sounds to different elements in your game. This video was narrated by Rory Walker, a Point Blank lecturer and freelance sound designer in the gaming industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating audio for games their online courses can help. In fact, this video was taken directly from Point Blank’s audio for games module which features in their online Diploma courses. If you sign up to one of their Diploma courses today paying the full fees upfront, you’ll be entitled to over £4,000 / $5240 off your course plus a bundle of free software.

During the video, Rory fires up Unity, a game design engine, and FMOD, an integrated game engine DAW, to demonstrate how to add sound to individual components within a game. He shows how to loop your sounds and how using the software the audio can pan, become more distant and appear closer as the character manoeuvres through the game-scape.

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