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31 Dec 2017

No FL Studio 13 but they will release version 20 in 2018, why?

producer/software No FL Studio 13 but they will release version 20 in 2018, why?

The next version of FL Studio will not be FL Studio 13, but the popular software immediately launches version 20. They make a big leap with hopefully many new updates. But why?

The main reason is that FL Studio will exist for 20 years in 2018. This is worth a party :) Maybe FL Studio 20 is also the announcement for full Mac support? This also will clarify the big steps in next versions. 

On the Image Line forum they have released the beta of 12.9 already, this will eventually be called version 20. This beta version is available for MAC and Windows. Don't work full time in this version, there can be bugs.

What's new?

  • Automatic PDC 
  • DirectWave 
  • Fruity Reeverb - is now a 64 Bit FL plugin.
  • GUI 
  • Mixer - until 125 tracks and later 500 tracks
  • Patcher - less memory usage
  • Playlist  - update
  • Time Signature Support 
  • Plugin manager - update
  • Sampler Channels 
  • Tap tempo 
  • Unicode Text
  • ZGE Visualizer

Which functions we'd like to see in 2018?

  • Cloud collaboration and cloud saving of projects
  • Rent-to-own to buy FL Studio, just like Splice and Serum
  • Advanced colour codes
  • Full Mac support
  • The use of FL Studio Skins
  • Listen to midi files without loading them

Which functions would you love to see in 2018? Let us know

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