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10 Aug 2016

❤- Inspiration of the week - productivity -❤

10 Aug 2016
producer/news Inspire through everything in the world

  1. A few tips

Get inspired by everything in the world. If you have no inspiration, there are plenty of other things to do that are productive! For example, you can go looking for new techniques or watching other artists. There are also plenty of magazines to read in the field of music. Expand your knowledge, is something you always can do. When you don't have the inspiration you should use these beautiful moments to educate yourself. Being creative and creative contribution to music won't be continuous. Don't you worry if you're not in the mood but instead spend this time carefully to expand your knowledge!

A few tips

  • Go read when you have no creativity.
  • Watch and listen to other musicians.
  • Treat yourself with new techniques that you can use when you're creative.

    Creativity cannot be forced but you can stimulate it.
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