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23 Nov 2017

Rum for Breakfast release videoclip of WithoutXpectations

instruments/stringinstruments Rum for Breakfast release videoclip of WithoutXpectations

A friend of Inside Audio named Machiel Scholten just launched his very first video clip. Recorded in his bedroom with the help of some friends. He made his way towards his first Spotify release as well. The video is shot at several places at Tajikistan and Uzbekistan including some smooth dance moves.

Machiel used his network and friends to make this release possible. Friends helped with mixing and adding instruments like Rhodes. It's always important to build a team of friends that can help you with making and releasing music.

How does Machiel write a song?

“Mostly I just pick up the guitar en start playing chords. At some point, I have some kind of progression of chords which I find interesting, and then I start singing some gibberish sounds like a melody. I almost always start with the melody, the lyrics follow afterwards, though I’d like to be able to do it the other way around. I record my gibberish jamming with my phone, and then I start to listen to it at random places, such as trains and busses.The lyrics-part I always find the most difficult, especially because I already have a melody: the words need to kinda fit into that framework. Sometimes I hear an interesting word, or sentence in my original recording, which actually did make sense and then I continue from there. The most difficult thing is to not trying to write a cool song, while you’re doing it. Once you think about that, you’re already doomed to fail”.

Support Machiel on Facebook here.

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