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5 Jul 2019

SUONOBUONO releases "Not Another Boring Compressor": sidechain made fun!

producer/hardware SUONOBUONO releases "Not Another Boring Compressor": sidechain made fun!
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The first sidechain compressor triggered by audio, analog gate/CV, MIDI, USB and even a pedal, for unprecedented creativity! The people from SUONOBUONO launched their Kickstart campaign for this incredible compressor and almost reached their goal!

The nABC makes sidechain compression easier: sidechain can be triggered directly via MIDI, USB, analog synth signals or pedals, without any need to route audio signal and with the freedom to decide the time, depth and shape of each compression. 


The nABC is a stereo analog sidechain compressor where compression can be concurrently triggered in different ways. It can be used as a traditional studio-quality dynamic compressor, to shape transients for any audio track. But the real innovation is that its sidechain can be triggered by analog gate/cv signals, USB, MIDI, audio signals, or even a pedal. While benchmarking the nABC against other professional products, they managed to obtain lower harmonic distortion at low frequency compared to other well-known compressor brands.


The nABC is available on Kickstarter at significantly discounted price, starting from SEK 2990 (ca USD 320, EUR 280). We don't know yet what the price will be after the Kickstart campaign. Visit their Kickstart page by clicking here.

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