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25 Apr 2019

The Pill - Ducking Effect Pedal launched on Kickstarter

innovation The Pill - Ducking Effect Pedal launched on Kickstarter

Sound designer, music producer and musician David Koch has created The Pill, the first of its kind Ducking Effect Pedal. Uniquely, ducking is its core purpose. It’s stereo, analog, true bypass, designed in Berlin and made in Switzerland.

Watch the demonstration video here to learn more about the Sidechain Compression Pedal made in Europe.

Early bird pledges are available from €232. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place in October 2019.

David Koch, creator of The Pill explains: “This pedal brings a music production effect to the live stage. It's a unique design, instantly ready on stage. 100% focused on functionality, musicality and sound quality. It’s made by a musician, for musicians. The Pill connects the energy of two musicians together. It can make a flat sound more vibrant, rhythmically always linked to another instrument. It's moving music, makes it more lively, let it breathe along with other instruments. It creates an organic sound with more depth. It’s all about the groove. It’s bouncing.”

The controls are:

  • Release: Sets the duration of the ducking
  • Depth: Sets the ducking volume level
  • Trigger: Sets the sensibility (gain) of the trigger input

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