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24 Mar 2020

Buying FabFilter plugins? Read everything you need to know here!

producer/software Buying FabFilter plugins? Read everything you need to know here!

Developing powerful audio plugins with a great sound, workflow and innovative interfaces, that’s where the focus lays for FabFilter.

FabFilter is founded by Floris and Frederik from the Netherlands, there office is located in Amsterdam.

FabFilter equalizer the Pro-Q 2

An equalizer is the basis of every mix to make sure that you remove unwanted frequencies or boost the right ones. Usually every channel has an equalizer. But which equalizer is good to use?

Every DAW has its own standard equalizer with a different user interface. What is exactly the difference? In our opinion, you will start to notice the difference when you work with an EQ plugin (for example, the PRO-Q 2 by FabFilter or from iZotope) by yourself.

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If you want to seriously get into an equalizer the Pro-Q 2 is a good choice. The user interface is really good and you can make very precise adjustments without putting in too much effort. It is important that the workflow is good so you don’t lose too much time tweaking your equalizer in the creative process. You can make 24 EQ-bands, which is a lot for EQ!

Check PluginBoutique for more great features by the Pro-Q 2 like the EQ matching, Dolby Atmos support and solo functions for every EQ band.

‘The best equalizer on the market!’

FabFilter Pro-R

Reverb is one of the most used effects in the audio world. Reverb can be used in different shapes. The right adjustment of reverb in a mix is incredibly important for a good result.

FabFilter uses visual elements in Pro-R to amplify the user experience. Because of this you know exactly what you are doing, so you can create the sounds that you are looking for!

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FabFilter Pro-MB

Instead of splitting the entire spectrum in a traditionally way with crossovers, you can use the Pro-MB to make direct new bands with the frequency range that you want to work on.

The interactive multiband display clearly shows that the rest of the spectrum doesn’t get changed. You can also make a crossover system by linking various bands.

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Overview of all the FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter has more plugins with other functions and not just effects, but also synths!

Professional mixing and mastering plugins

  • FabFilter Pro-Q 3 

Top quality EQ plugin that is further explained above.

  • FabFilter Pro-R 

A qualitative reverb plugin with a natural sound and advance functionalities.

  • FabFilter Pro-L 2 

True peak limiter.

  • FabFilter Pro-C 2

Professional compressor plugin with side chain and routing options.

  • FabFilter Pro-MB

Multiband compressor/expander.

  • FabFilter Pro-DS

De-essing plugin perfect for vocals.

  • FabFilter Pro-G

Gate/expander plugin met sidechain functions.

Creative effects and synthesizers

  • FabFilter Saturn

Multiband distortion, saturatie and amp-modeling plug-in.

  • FabFilter Twin 2

A powerful synthesizer. 

  • FabFilter Timeless 2

Ultra-flexibele tape delay plugin with time-strechting.

  • FabFilter Volcano 2

Filter plugin with good technology for advanced filters and modulations.

Basis plugins 

  • FabFilter One

A basic synth with an oscillator.

  • FabFilter Simplon

Simple filter plugin.

  • FabFilter Micro

Simple filter plugin.

Where are the plugins available?

All FabFilter plugins are available in VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native and AudioSuite formats for both 64-bit and 32-bit. Earlier this year FabFilter announced availability for AUv3 and iOS.

Where to buy?

We advise buying the plugins at the English company Plugin Boutique. Why? They often have interesting discounts like free plugins. Besides, you build up point with every purchase that you can spend on plugins!

Buy FabFilter Plugins

If you have any more questions or FabFilter plugins? Let us know!

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