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10 Aug 2016

How to become a better guitar player?

instruments/stringinstruments How to become a better guitar player

This is a question that you love doing yourself and future guitarist. There is only one good answer? Of course not, there is often told what you definitely DO or absolutely NOT to do if you start with an instrument and sometimes there are also found some facts but often are too subjective stories that you do not really help.


The base is basically the same for everyone, but as we see in education goes through each of us an individual learning process. One guitarist can not even play a few open chords after a few months and the other guitarist playing barre chords, laughing. When we talk about the basics of playing guitar is in my view important that you not too much irrelevant information gets inside, but it is important that you practice different things and are consistent with these issues.

For example, go to the store or even online looking for some chord progressions, but also look for sheet music or if you do not fancy nuts, Seeking tabs (tablature notation is easier than nuts).

Various techniques

You can practice than chords example and sheet music or tablature. You do this than, say, 20 minutes a day depending on how much time you have before. This way you are with two different techniques working on guitar, will you also do not have 20 minutes to focus on the same chords. You might find yourself the next day has been playing more smoothly, process while you sleep you have brains namely what you learned during the day.


Challenge yourself

Go play the song that you find yourself very well. Perhaps this number seems very difficult, but on the Internet you will probably find a simple version or you will find that the number might be that bad if you put in a lot of time. Write the chords and go, if you have them mastered, play along with the song. Do the same if you have a nice piece of sheet music or tablature. Make sure that the piece is challenging enough.

If you 'ordinary' open chords starting to get a little below the knee, then start with barre chords. This is subtly different from the open chords and you'll have to get used to at first this grip. Therefore it is important that you join to get started here.

Playing in groups and go jamming with your best friend music or find someone who also plays guitar. Now you think 'my neighbor plays guitar, but it is way too good. " But that does not matter. It is there that you can learn a lot from and you get a good motivation.

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