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3 Mar 2020

How to create the ultimate studio in your own bedroom (DIY-Tutorial)

producer How to create the ultimate studio in your own bedroom (DIY-Tutorial)

Right after we officially moved to our new office space in Gemert, we stumbled upon a problem… The space that we had was big but too small to fit a studio where we could take pictures and video’s for Inside Audio.

We concluded that we should look for some space elsewhere. So why not in my own bedroom?

In this article, I take you through my own personal story on how to create the ultimate bedroom studio!

The goal

In the last few years, I have seen an enormous amount of studios, from bedroom setups to mixing and mastering studios. But what setup is ideal and still achievable in my bedroom?

After some consideration, I concluded that my setup should not be over the top, but modest, minimalistic and modern. A simple desk with enough free space, a big screen, multiple studio monitors and 19-inch racks.

After finding some inspiration on our own Instagram timeline the picture was complete!

  • A dark setting
  • 1 big screen
  • 2/3 studio monitors
  • 19-inch racks
  • Nature
  • Oakwood
  • Simple and modular
  • Organized cable management
The wood
3 layers of coating
The coating from RigoStep
19-inch rack
Steel plate blank
19-inch rack complete

What do we need?

I simply started with the desk, the table legs, and the 19-inch wooden racks. The wood I bought all came from a local store called ‘Praxis’. From them, I bought a CanDo solid oak wooden board, which had a good price offering.

The metal for the table legs we collected, sawed and welded it ourselves. Multiple construction marketplaces can provide you with premade table legs as an alternative.

The 19-inch racks are placed on top of the table board without attaching them. By placing the studio monitors on top of them you increase pressure which prevents the racks from moving. We finished the racks with U1 steel plate blanks.

  • 200x100 CanDo solid oakwood board
  • CanDo solid oakwood board for the 19-inch racks
  • Metal for the table legs
  • High-quality coating paint for the protection of the wood.
  • Steel plate blanks for the 19-inch racks
  • A big monitor
  • 19-inch audio interface (Arturia 8Pre)
  • Paintings and posters (from
Metal for the table legs
Table legs for the desk
Screw holes to attach the legs to the desk
Screw holes
Complete table leg


In the enumeration below I will give you an overview of the price that I paid to make this all happen excluding the equipment.

  • CanDo solid oakwood board = €135
  • CanDo wood for the 19-inch racks = €70
  • Metal for the table legs = €40
  • 19-inch parts = €20
  • Cable management = €40

Total price (excluding equipment) = €305


By buying all parts separately and without attaching the 19-inch racks to the table board we can easily change the setup in the future. We could make a sit-stand setup or expand the 19-inch modules.

The result
The result
Cable management under desk
The result

Courtesy of

With the co-operation of the companies below, we can now create amazing future content for you guys!

  • Pro Media Connect
  • Arturia
  • KRK
  • Fluid Audio
  • Adam Audio
  • Kali Audio

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