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8 Mar 2019

Perfect tourmanagement with digital app and software

other/to-know Perfect tourmanagement with digital app and software

If you made it as a musician and your touring national or international that is a big accomplishment. But what many people that are not involved directly with a tour don’t see is the other side that comes with touring. People that toured or worked on a tour know that it can be very stressful, hectic and overwhelming at the same time.

Of course, touring as an artist is great and can give so much energy! But don’t forget the downside of all the stress and inconsistency it will bring your life. Like many things in life, good preparation is the half work. With this, we mean that a well-prepared tour before and during the tour can save everyone a big headache.

In this article, we dive deeper into the solutions for a well-prepared tour. Besides that, we’re having a closer look at ABOSS, an Amsterdam based start-up that structures and digitalize the perfect tour for artists and their team.

The office makes it work

Before an artist goes on tour the involved agents and promoters are working together to arrange everything. This must be done in discussion with the involved artist. When working in the office on all the plans and details that come with it, it’s very important to keep the overview from the very first start.

With software for the people that are in the office and a mobile app for the artist that is working on for example new music, all the involved parties have one centralized place to work. If the miss-communication already starts at the start of the tour while planning it, it’s not a good sign for the rest of the tour. Tour management software and applications make this whole process possible, in a next-level way instead of a simple Google Calendar.

So, it’s very important that the people in the office start off with a good structure. A few things that are important for this are:

  • Centralized agenda
  • Streamlined communications
  • Digitalized workflows
  • Agenda that is dedicated to artists and touring
  • Agreements are made and saved when needed later

For the preparation and everything that needs to be arranged before a tour, ABOSS developed software that makes sure it’s dedicated to the tour of an artist. It goes way further than a normal agenda. With the mobile app and software, everyone always has access to the details.

Hectic on the road

The result of a bad preparation is stress on tour for the whole team and artist. If the agreements that are made with for example a promoter are not centralized you will come across miss-communication. Also, for a tour manager, it is a nice thing to have to not walk with a bunch of papers that includes agreements and flight details. When you’re on tour, just open your ABOSS app and get access to everything you need!

Perfect tour

Since everyone is already involved from the start with this digital and centralized workflow, you work towards a perfect tour. The structure is good from the start and ABOSS is there to force you to do so. In the end, while touring and hopping on and off flights, you will notice immediately you have less stress, miss-communication, and questions. This so you and your team can focus on the tour and make sure the audience and fans have an incredible experience!

Start working digital with tour management software and tour management apps to make sure you and your team can focus on what is important. At the same time, you can focus on giving your fans the best experience as possible!

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