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4 Sep 2018

Putting your time into imitating your idol

producer/techniques Putting your time into imitating your idol

In the Dance scene, there are a number of producers that are incredibly large. So you have David Guetta, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren and Avicii among others. A beginning dance producer often wants to become as familiar as his or her example, for example, one of the aforementioned superstars. A mistake that is often made is that novice producers stop all their time imitating their idol. "If I sound just like Avicii, does the audience really love my music?" Let's take a moment to pause at that thought: big producers are known for their own and often innovative sound, they bring something that has never happened before ( that way) is done If you as a starting producer imitate their sound and release your own track, people will think that it is a copy of producer "x" Before you know it you get the stamp "Copycat" printed and want no one can hear your music anymore, is not that what you've worked so hard for? Right! What you can do better is to use someone else's music as a source of inspiration to work on YOUR sound, so that people become a fan of YOUR sound and they are someone who Your sound impersonates as "Copycat." However, it may be interesting for research purposes to find out how your idol exactly made that bold sound, because you can apply these techniques yourself when making your own sound.

"Nobody can be more You than You"

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