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19 Jun 2020

Review: Audient Evo 4 Audio Interface ‘the smart audio interface’

producer Audient Evo 4 Audio Interface

Audient is not an unknown brand in audio hardware world, founded in 1997 and is known for powerful interfaces, pre-amps and recording consoles. With the sub-brand called EVO, Audient is now taking it a step further from the development of high-end professional consoles to more accessible hardware with the release of the ID interfaces such as the iD22 and iD44.

During NAMM 2020 Audient announced the brand "EVO" that operates under the same company but is clearly a separate brand. This can be seen in the separate social media, logo and pages that Audient uses.

Want to know more about the Audient EVO release? Check out the video below that we made during NAMM 2020. In collaboration with distributor Pro Media Connect, we made the review below about the Audient Evo 4!

The Audient Evo 4 audio interface

During the NAMM the 2 new models were launched: the EVO 4 and the EVO 8. As with many audio interfaces the small model starts with a 2-2 model, in this case the EVO 4 with 2 outputs and 2 inputs. Subsequently, the EVO is 8 with 4 inputs and 4 outputs for 2 sets of monitors and this with 2 headphone outputs.

Apart from the 2 combi inputs and 2 outputs, the EVO 4 has a headphone output, JFET instrument input and is connected via USB-C.

The EVO 8 is therefore very complete in terms of input and outputs and suitable for an extensive recording session.

Where does Audient want to go with these 2 new models? In our view, it is really redesigning the traditional audio interface. This in terms of design but also applying new innovations such as the "smart-gain" function. The audio interface of the future, we think this is a great development because it reminds the entire market to continue to develop.

A very interesting development and not a bad first try if you ask us, the EVO has some interesting features.

The smart audio interface

Often the difference with the audio interfaces is in the internal hardware, which is also the case now, in a different area. The EVO has a "smart gain" function built in so that the input level is automatically set correctly. This by means of the green button, then you make a test recording of 10 seconds to determine the volume and then the input recording volume is automatically set around -10dbu.

If you are experienced with recording, you do not need it immediately. But are you just starting to record and do you want to spend less time on these kinds of technical parts? Then this can be very useful!

In our view, this is very useful, for example, when you are going to record a podcast for the first time, with this function you can be sure that your input levels are in order. We have tested this and it works fine as expected, this has been well thought out and worked out!

At the same time, EVO has also thought of the content creator who wants to use loopback in a simple way, so recording already outgoing audio from a computer without routing separate tracks. This is useful if, for example, you simply want to record a Skype interview. One of the other smart features is 'Smart Muting' which mute your headphones or studio monitors, so you can't use them at the same time. This is unfortunate, but can also be useful. When you connect headphones, your monitors turn off automatically - handy? That depends on your workflow.


New pre-amps have been used on the EVO-range, with fine specs including 58dB mic gain and line gain. The quality of the pre-amps and headphone outputs are excellent, do you want to know more about the exact specifications? Check the full list on this page.

Build quality

The entire audio interface is made of plastic, but does not feel cheap - although the price is very low. A soft matte finish, makes the audio interface very sleek in design. At the bottom are two rubber strips that should prevent slipping and that works fine.

In terms of design, the EVO is very unique and coolly designed, which will certainly set a tone for future audio interfaces. Most connections are hidden at the back of the interface, which is nice so that the cables are not in sight.

Taking the price into account, the interface is generally very well built - but not a world class one you can't expect at this price either.

It is a pity that there is only a volume meter around the big button, if you record 2 inputs at the same time it would be nice if you also see the volume of both.


Audient has set the tone for the future with the EVO range, which we believe has reinvented the audio interface. Back to basics, without the influence of other brands, they created this interface, designed it and thought about smart functions.

Features such as Smart Gain, Smart Mute and the design make it a very interesting audio interface for: musicians, gamers, podcasters and all other content creators! All this for a very affordable price, very cool release!

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