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5 Sep 2016

Groove Extraction met Maarten Vorwerk

producer Tip #121
  1. Groove Extraction:
#Vorwerk #TipOfTheWeek #121

Groove Extraction:

A quick but handy tip:

Did you know that it is possible to extract the groove from every audio loop?
So imagine pulling in an audio loop of this amazing groovy bassline.
By quantizing it to the groove it will place markers at every attackpoint in the audiofile. (see picture)
This groove can be extracted to either a midi file so in that case you can use your own sounds instead.
But also you can save the quantiz groove as a preset and apply it other audiofiles you are using in the track, so that everything would sound supertight.
This is done in Studio One. But you should be able to do this in every DAW.

Good Luck!

See you next week..


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