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19 Feb 2020

Arturia lanceert FX Collection - een bundle van hoge kwaliteit software effecten

producer Arturia lanceert FX Collection - een bundle van hoge kwaliteit software effecten

Arturia heeft onlangs FX Collection uitgebracht waarin ze 15 plugins bundelen van de “You’ll Actually Use” series. De Arturia FX Collection geeft beginners en professionals hoog kwaliteit geluid en een aantal van de beste features beschikbaar.

Van 12 februari tot 4 maart 2020 is de FX Collection afgeprijsd van €399 naar €299.

De FX Collection bestaat uit de volgende plugins:

Reverb plugins

Stunning vintage reverbs and a super-modern algorithmic beast will transform your music in an instant.

Rev PLATE-140 


A reimagining of EMT’s titanic plate reverb, perfect for vocals. 

Rev SPRING-636 


Vibrant spring and crunchy germanium preamp, the ideal dub combo. 



An original creative algorithmic reverb with unlimited modulation capabilities.


Add saturated, lo-fi, or super-trippy modern delays to your sonic arsenal, including classics and a modern twist.

Delay TAPE-201 

Organic, tape saturated delay and reverb at its finest. 


The iconic lo-fi delay that helped the greatest guitarists and producers achieve their unique tone is now available in your recording setup. 


An exciting, original delay effect with integrated effects, and an inspiring variety of sounds. Arturia Delay Eternity is an innovative tool for the modern producer.


Insert the golden-sounding input stage of some of the world’s top consoles and outboard for that pro studio sound.

Pre 1973 

The iconic vintage sound of the world’s best studios, perfectly recreated for the modern producer. 

Pre TridA 

One of the most prized, rare, and exclusive channel strips ever made has been reborn in your DAW. 

Pre V76 

The sound that defined 60s pop music, rediscovered as a plugin for your virtual studio.


Control your dynamics, bring everything together, and add vintage tone with these 3 fantastic compressors.

Comp VCA-65 

The ultimate rhythm section compressor, Comp VCA-65 is a perfectly recreated VCA compressor with a modern twist. 

Comp FET-76 

The most iconic studio compressor ever made, recreated as a software plugin. Perfect vocals and instruments every time. 


A reimagining of the legendary vacuum-tube powered Gates® STA-Level, a secret weapon for bass and vocals since the 1950s.


Use the finest synth filters on any sound source you like, dramatic, creative tonal control all day, every day.

Filter MINI 

A plugin recreation of Dr Moog’s famous 24dB per octave low-pass ladder filter, updated with exciting new features for the modern music maker. 

Filter M12 

The legendary analog polysynth’s filter reworked as a superbly powerful, modern plugin for your DAW. 

Filter SEM 

Tom Oberheim’s pioneering design, among the first-ever self-contained analog synthesizers, was home to one of the best-loved filters of all time. Now you can use it as a cutting edge creative plugin for your DAW.

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