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24 Oct 2019

Fender Songs helpt je bij het leren van gitaar, piano en ukelele met nieuwe app!

instrumenten/snaarinstrumenten Fender Songs helpt je bij het leren van gitaar, piano en ukelele met nieuwe app!

Fender heeft in het verleden al Fender Play uitgebracht, maar gaat nu verder met het helpen van nieuwe muzikanten met de nieuwe app Fender Songs. Met Fender Songs leer je simpel nummers voor gitaar, piano en ukelele. Fender Songs is nu nog enkel beschikbaar in Amerika maar zal snel naar Europa komen. Het werkt middels een subscriptie-model waarbij je nummers op je iPhone of iPod touch in de App Store kunt downloaden. Fender gaat later uitbreiden naar andere platformen zoals Android.

Voor $4,99 per maand of $41,99 per jaar, kan je aan de slag via de app. Daarbij, krijg je 10% korting op Fender gear! Wil je het eerst proberen? Maak dan gebruik van de 7-dagen trial.

“Fender Songs we believe will enable players to easily and dramatically expand their song repertoire,” said Andy Mooney, Chief Executive Officer of Fender. “Goldman Sachs forecasts the number of streaming subscribers to hit 700 million in three years and top 1 billion by 2030; these are staggering numbers that bode well for Fender’s success in both the digital and analog worlds.”

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Players can use Fender Songs in three different ways: practice, play along and perform. 

Review chord diagram charts: In practice mode, players see the overview of a song with chord charts, lyrics and audio, so they can work through the tune at their own pace.

Scrolling chords and lyrics: In play-along mode, players can watch the scrolling chords and lyrics, “karaoke-style,” as they play along with the song in real time.

Recording functionality: In perform mode, players can view chord changes and lyrics, and record themselves on their own device without an audio backing track, save to their camera photo/video roll and reference later as a practice tool.

  • Player modes are purposefully aligned with how someone might familiarize themselves with a new song, practice parts of it slowly, play it full speed from beginning to end, and then record themselves playing it. Each mode represents a different stage in the player’s journey to learning and feeling confident about a new song.
  • Much Larger Song Selection: Pick from millions of your favorite songs or request a new one.
  • Apple Music: Stream and play along to songs from your favorite artists and musical genres.
  • Setlists: Create ordered groups of songs to practice for a special performance or to help keep your practice time organized.
  • Search and Browse Features: Use the search and browse features to find songs curated by Fender staff and edited for accuracy.
  • Playing Tools: Access special features like accompaniment from metronome, drums, drums and bass, tempo adjustment, capo, left-handed mode and count-in.

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