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20 Dec 2022

Pro Media Connect, kondigt nieuw merk M-Live aan

producer Pro Media Connect, kondigt nieuw merk M-Live aan

Pro Media Connect, distributeur van veel toonaangevende merken kondigt nieuwe producten aan van M-Live!

Made in Italy by M-Live B.Beat is the perfect device to enhance live performance, using Stereo or Multitrack sequences - even with Video & Images. B.Beat provides a professional and affordable solution so that you no longer need to worry about laptops, tablets, interfaces and mixers. B.Beat ensures that the focus lies on performance.

B.Beat supports WAV, Mp3, Stems, MTA with up to 16 Mono or 8 Stereo Tracks. It also reads Video & JPG in sync with the music. It has an onboard digital mixer with 6 separate outputs, easily controlled via 4 dedicated pots so that the musician can independently balance the listen mix - including a separate click track level. It also has 2 separate Inputs for the monitor mix return and a headphone output.

The Backing Tracks repertoire, Playlists and Shows are managed with the included B.Beat Manager App (PC / Mac) which also allows audio output assignment, Click Track and more. Projects may include Audio, Video / Images and Midi tracks. B.Beat connects via WiFi to Smart devices for Lyrics or Music Scores.

Connection can be made with USB or Ethernet, and it has an internal Memory of 32, 64 or 128 GB. B.Beat uses an external PSU, but also works with a standard Powerbank (10.000mAh / 2.4A) which should last up to 6 hours.

For those live performers looking for a complete stand-alone, do-it-all solution, the makers of B-Beat (M-Live) also produce the Merish 5 Plus. This workstation can also play backing tracks, but also has built-in Midi sound-generators, connection to Midi keyboards, built-in Mixer (with 3-band EQ / Mic & Line), Effects, Harmonizer and much more - a complete performance solution!

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