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Brands and distributors have the option to promote their product or brand. Inside Audio not only allows banner promotions, but also offers creative solutions to reach musicians.


We have achieved measurable results for various stores and webshops. These results are increasing each month and we are working hard to continue this trend. See all stores.

Sales > 1200
Average order value ~ €178
Revenue €210.000
Stores > 240


We are among the top search results on Google for a large amount of important search queries in The Netherlands. We use this high ranking to advise potential customers about the right gear. Interested in finding out whether our visitors match your target demographic? Contact us.

Pageviews 85.000 / month
Facebook 65.000 / month
Instagram 50.000 / month
Newsletter 17.000 / subscribers
Geography visitors 70% from the Netherlands and Belgium

Unique in The Netherlands

Inside Audio is the platform for musicians in The Netherlands. The new generation consumes information online, therefore it’s essential for brands to have an online presence.

See Dutch website

One-off promotions

No long-term cooperation but a single promotion? That’s possible! Read below to discover those options and contact us for further information.


An advertorial about a product or software, including photos and optional video. View example.



Reach a large audience? A giveaway will reach a lot of musicians all at once. Contact us.


Recommended products

Want to be at the top in a specific category? Reach musicians in the right target audience. View example.

Recommended products


Increase brand awareness through banners in various places.


Promotion packages

To facilitate a long and effective cooperation, we’ve put together various promotion packages. These packages offer optimal visibility on our site. Contact us for pricing.


If you want to promote 2 products at once.

  • Advertorials
  • Recommended products


If you want to promote 4 products at once.

  • Advertorials
  • One banner
  • Recommended products


If you want to promote 6 products at once.

  • Advertorials
  • Two banners
  • Recommended products


If you want to promote 8 products at once.

  • Advertorials
  • Banners (homepage take-over)
  • Recommended products
  • Giveaways
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