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My name is Jeffrey with my passion for music started Inside Audio. I'd love to share my knowledge with others, it inspires me. As a young musician, I frequently encountered problems. On the Internet, there is not always the right information you need, it is also time for a good community for musicians. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is essential.

Please contact us if you have questionnaires and/or comments.

[email protected]

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My name is Frank Hendriks, I'm a singer-songwriter in my alias Frank Hendriks.

I have a passion for guitar and inspire and teach others to be happy about this topic! I will write a monthly article on my knowledge and experience. Do you have suggestions or questions? Please let us know in a comment.

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My name is Rik Blom. As many of you I have always had a great appreciation for music, and from the moment that I started making music myself, a world has opened up for me.I am always looking for a way to give meaning to the music I make. At the moment I am exploring various musical instruments and continuing to grow these skills. My main occupation is guitar, ukulele, piano and drums. I look forward to an instructive future and I hope that I can share my passion for music with others. I currently play drums with the band Surfing Giraffes and I am a singer-songwriter at Rik Blomson.

On the other hand, of making music, I am also busy with developing content both visually and textually in the field of music.

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Hi, My name is Mike Rosen, I am a musician, producer and engineer hailing from the north of Sweden, but has ever since been traveling this planet on my pursue of the perfect beat. I literally dig any style of music, as long as the music is performed with honesty, great energy and vibe.

I love great productions, as well as I also love great intentions! I am here to share with you my experiences, skills, knowledge, greatest mistakes and much more. Life itself, as well as the world of audio is such an adventure if you keep your mind open and are ready to explore, so I hope you want to join me on this journey here at Inside Audio!

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Hi, I'm a random guest blogger who likes to stay anonymous.

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I'm Lucas, a full-time producer making top 10 tunes, project files, samples and presets for over 5 years. Besides that I'm also a nerdy audio programmer waiting to make the next #1 plugin and founder of a Sample Pack company called The Audio Bar. Making the finest samples, presets, and project files in DAWs like Ableton, FL, Logic X, and Bitwig.

Partnered up with educational institutions like Point Blank and SAE, one of my main goals is to share knowledge with my skills, so enjoy my tutorials and tips.

Hit me up in Facebook if you wanna know more.

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Hey, My name is Shaun, I am aspiring Journalist who wants to work in the music and radio industry. I am from the UK and I am currently study Journalism at Cardiff University in Wales. I have always had a passion for music and love to attend festivals and gigs whenever possible, i also like discovering new music from new artists and some day hope that i can be the one that gives young and inspiring artists their chance to succeed in the music industry. i listen to many different styles and genres of music, but my personal favourites are DnB and Bass as well as Electronic. I hope that by writing for the InsideAudio team i will be able to turn my passion for industry into a career. I also hope that by using my own skill set, i will be able to network, and write many more intriguing and engaging interviews with exciting future artists!

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Josh is an New York based music technologist, most known for his work as a producer, engineer and film composer.

Josh is trained as a multi-instrumentalist and in theory and composition. In 2013, he was accepted into the highly competitive Music Technology program at New York University, receiving an accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree. Since relocating to NYC, Josh has studied in every facet of sound, audio, and music and learned from the industry's best.

In the spring of 2015, he refined his skills studying at IRCAM in Paris, France, the world-leading institute for acoustics and computer music. And in the past, has worked at some of the best studios the city has to offer, working with and learning from award-winning producers, engineers, and artists—including work at Studio G Brooklyn during their work on High Suspect's Mister Asylum, nominated for 2016 Best Rock Song and Album of the Year. Josh currently works primarily as a freelancer and as an engineer at Moon Recording in Brooklyn.

If you have any question regarding mixing and mastering? Send an email to [email protected]

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My name is Daniel, I'm an audio engineer located in Denmark. My passion has always been music. As I started playing guitar at a young age, I got more and more interested in recording, mixing and generally turning knobs! Now, many years later, I'm pursuing my passion! With years of experience, I've started my own recording studio with the intent to make professional recording and mixing available for everyone! With the massive increase in technology advances, many are recording their own albums at home. The only problem is, that many can't get the professional sound they want. That's the gap I want to fill! Besides my recording studio, I'm finishing off my studies at the University in Musicology and Business Economics. It's simple. My passion is audio. Everything audio!

Want to know more? Go to my website:

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My name is Niels (aka DOZE) and I'm an electronic music producer and DJ from Germany. Besides that I also play the Trumpet and the piano and I love writing songs (lyrics and music). I have a passion for House music (especially Tropical House) and I'm signed to DSTURBNCE Records.

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Singer, songwriter and music producer from Tallinn, Estonia. Graduated as a sound engineer. Started with electronic music production in 2017.

Skilled in songwriting, recording, production, mixing and mastering. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and looking for a place in the music industry where I could learn, turn ideas into action, get inspiration and be an inspiration to other people.

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My name is Noah

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I’m DOT.50, a Hip-Hop producer from the Netherlands. I’ve taught myself how to produce, mix, play piano, edit videos, Photoshop and much more. I also follow drum and piano lessons and I’m busy with learning how to play the guitar. I always want to learn more and become better at producing music. My true passion lies in music, especially for hip hop.

I enjoy helping people out, share my passion and knowledge with others. So many people are looking for answers on the internet, but the answers are not there (or they're unclear). I want to help and explain everything in a simple and clear way. We’re also lucky to be in an age with the internet. Because we can collaborate and share knowledge easily and I think those things are essential.

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"Don't write so fast, just write your best. Write where your heart is at and let love be the safetynet." -Dirk Vissers

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Guitar and production author. Brent March is a producer, composer, session guitarist and member of the pro audio industry.

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