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1 Mar 2019

7 reasons why should you visit Musikmesse 2019

other/news 7 reasons why should you visit Musikmesse 2019

The music industry is a big and wide market from software until physical instruments and innovations as machine learning are coming up fast. There are several big events where everyone around the music industry comes together to show their new software and instruments.

One of the main goals of those events is to network with other companies, talk to musicians, show off new instruments and software and be inspired by everything that is happening in the music industry.

Are you familiar with NAMM? Worlds biggest music gathering held in the USA. When you want something familiar, but you’re from Europe then you should look at Musikmesse! Musikmesse is Europe’s biggest trade fair for the music industry. Musikmesse brings together companies with retailers and professionals from the musical instruments sector.

But why should you visit Musikmesse 2019?

1. Business and networking

Network with the people you want to meet! With the Musikmesse app, you can see all the attendees and pick interesting ones for you. This way you can easily reach out to them to set up a meeting.

2. Be ahead of innovations

Also, musicians go to Musikmesse to see what’s going on in the instrument world. Brands will showcase their new products for the first time so you can see what’s going on in the world of music!

3. Meet decision makers

If you are more into the music business and like to meet companies? Then Musikmesse is a perfect event to go! You will not only meet business people but especially decision makers that decide if a product will be bought or not by for example a webshop. Depending on your needs this can be very interesting.

4. International get together

Musicians and professionals from the music industry from all over the world are flying to Frankfurt to network and discuss the music industry with a focus on instruments. This is a unique chance to get a broader international network started!

5. Centre of Europe

Musikmesse is in Frankfurt, Germany. This is easy to reach by plane, public transport and car. Since it’s based in the center of Europe it’s easy for companies to visit travel wise.

6. Events, workshops, and concerts

Not only exhibitions take place but also events, concerts, and workshops. They set up a complete concert place where bands play and much more interesting! As a musician, you can also participate in some music challenges and many more!

7. Matchmaking For professionals

For professionals in the music industry Musikmesse developed a matchmaking system. This way Musikmesse connects and introduces interesting people to each other to network and generates new business!

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