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4 Sep 2018

A mix with too much reverb

producer/techniques A mix with too much reverb

Who does not recognize it; a karaoke set with a reverberation (reverb) dial on it. When you give the vocals a reverberation, it all sounds much better in one go. This is because the reverberation 'conceals' the 'unevenness' of the singer/singer. "That's perfect, I'm going to apply that in my mix", you might think.

In principle, reverberation can certainly make something more beautiful. When you add reverb, you give the sound a measure of spaciousness. For example, you have reverberations that sound like you are in a bathroom, a concert hall or in an immensely large church. However, it is important that you use reverb correctly in your mix. One problem with reverberation is that it makes sounds less clear, firm, firm and "in your face". If you are a mix

where, for example, the voice of the singer is the most important sound, you have to be careful with adding reverb. If you add (too) much reverb, you will notice that the voice suddenly sounds less prominent and that is exactly what you do not want. For example, you should never put reverberation on a Kick, because if there is something that has to sound solid/solid, it is the Kick.

You will notice that reverb can work perfectly in some cases, but it can also ruin your entire mix. So you have to know what you are doing.

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