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4 Sep 2018

All faders up

producer/techniques All faders up

During the mixing process of a production, a good balance has to be made between all the different sounds/channels. This balance is basically made by levelling, using the faders. What you often see with beginning producers is that almost all faders are at or far above the 0 limits. This is because the producer thinks during mixing: "The Snare is too soft, it has to be harder", and then he slides up the fader. Then he notices for example that the Synth cannot be heard that well anymore so that fader is also set harder again. As a result, the Hihat cannot be heard very well, etc. etc. So you can already understand it, slowly but surely every sound is turned up until at some channels on the mixer, the fader has reached its top position. In addition, you can see that the master fader is always lowered, to prevent digital clipping. "What now, because that Snare must be a little harder?" In essence, you could place again insert on the Snare, which makes the respective channel even harder. However, this is superfluous difficult to do and you also unnecessarily burden the RAM of your PC and you do not want that!

In this way, you make a fallacy, because why would you keep channels louder if you can also make the other channels softer? It is important that during the mixing process you decide which sound/channel is most important in the track. If you put that channel 'relatively hard' (ie around the 0-border), you can mix the other sounds/channels around it, so put it a bit softer. This way your mix looks better and you may save CPU. Do not worry about the overall volume of the track, that can still be boosted during mastering.

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