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7 Apr 2020

Are you going to purchase a trumpet? Here is where you should pay attention to

instruments/wind-instruments Are you going to purchase a trumpet? Here is where you should pay attention to

As a musician in the making, you might not know a lot about trumpets. If you have questions about where you could purchase a trumpet, what tuning it is in or which trumpet fits your playing style, then search no more.

We are going to help you to make the right choice!

What is a trumpet?

A trumpet is a wind instrument which is made out of a copper and zinc alloy, also known as brass. On a musical scale, the trumpet has a reach of 2,5 octaves. In essence, the trumpet is a long tube with 3 air valves that ends in a cuplike shape. On the other tubes end, there is a mouthpiece.

When you press your lips on the mouthpiece and you are exhaling into the trumpet you produce waves and air which results in soundwaves. The soundwaves are amplified by the instrument to make the trumpet sound that we all love. 

Make sure you pay attention to these subjects

Buying a trumpet is relatively expensive. Starting off with a cheaper model might not be the best experience. The air valves might not work so well and the trumpet could sound flat. For your first purchase, you might want to consider looking at a second-hand trumpet or a rental. 

You can, however, consider to purchase a cheaper trumpet, but keep in mind that problems might occur faster, which could result in a loss of motivation and fun.

Which trumpet should I buy?

Most trumpet players start with a Bb trumpet. Other tunings are C, Eb and F. The Bb tuning is commonly used in most orchestras, music schooling, jazz, funk and pop. Alongside the trumpet we have different versions, like the bugle and the lighter model, the cornet. These are also commonly used and have the same reach as the trumpet, but with a warmer sound. Popular brands are the Jupiter, Getzen, Bach, Benson, Yamaha and Levante.

You could muffle the sound of a trumpet or create sound effects with all sorts of mufflers.

On a final note

If you have no idea if a trumpet suits you, then we advise you to take a few lessons first. A trumpet is an expensive piece of music and mastering the right techniques is important to produce the right sounds.

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