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Biography Shaun Davey

Hey, My name is Shaun, I am aspiring Journalist who wants to work in the music and radio industry. I am from the UK and I am currently study Journalism at Cardiff University in Wales. I have always had a passion for music and love to attend festivals and gigs whenever possible, i also like discovering new music from new artists and some day hope that i can be the one that gives young and inspiring artists their chance to succeed in the music industry. i listen to many different styles and genres of music, but my personal favourites are DnB and Bass as well as Electronic. I hope that by writing for the InsideAudio team i will be able to turn my passion for industry into a career. I also hope that by using my own skill set, i will be able to network, and write many more intriguing and engaging interviews with exciting future artists!

Articles written by Shaun Davey