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10 Aug 2016

Behind the Beat - Bitch Better Have My Money

producer/news Behind the Beat - Bitch Better Have My Money

With 'Behind the beat' we get a closer look at producers behind a hit! How did the beat worked out? What tools have been used? Have there been any collaborations? These and more questions are answered below.

We kick off with the producer 'Deputy' which is behind Rihanna's hit: 'Bitch Better Have My Money'.

From Ableton to Protools

Many producers work with different DAWs, Deputy started with Logic. When he was introduced with Ableton he was sold, the infinite possibilities with the manipulation capabilities of sounds worked well. Apart from the current DAWs used, a track is often made with Ableton and finished in Protools. Ableton offers many creative possibilities and Protools is often used for the mix and master. This story I often heard, for example from DJ / producer Eelke Kleijn.

Your Network

Even for big producers as Deputy a good network is still very important. Networking in 2016/2017 still remains as one of the strongest marketing / promotional tools. Through their network, they joined Rihanna who finally finished their track, which can not be underestimated! Always check your network in order to collaborate, even when you're a starting DJ!

Watch the videos below 

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