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26 Nov 2019

Black Friday plug-in deals for achieving radio ready vocals!

producer Black Friday plug-in deals for achieving radio ready vocals!

Creating radio ready vocals need not cost the earth. It also doesn't have to be expensive. With specialist tools such as Celemony Melodyne, Synchro Arts VocAlign and Antares Auto Tune available at steal prices this Black Friday. 

With Black Friday looming just around the corner and plug-in offers flying left right and center, it can be daunting wading through all the deals and offers that are available. In this article and video, we're breaking down three essential plugins you need for editing and perfecting vocals.

Celemony Melodyne 4 essential

Melodyne is a tool used by the masses. It's the most intuitive and accurate way to properly tune a vocal. Now on offer at just €49 for Melodyne 4 essential. 

VocAlign Project 3 

VocAlign will save you so much time when editing layered vocals, you'll wonder how you've worked for so long without it. VocAlign takes just seconds to align two audio signals so that the timing of one matches the other perfectly. Now on offer at only €79 for VocAlign Project 3.

Antares Auto-Tune Access

Antares has long been known for its 'T Pain' style vocal tuning. If you're after this effect then look no further. Although this is the baseline plugin, Auto-Tune Access provides serious versatility when it comes to real-time vocal tuning. It's also super-low latency for tracking. For a quick no-compromise approach we'd highly recommend having it in your arsenal of vocal processors. Now reduced to €90 for the black weekend.

PreSonus Studio One Artist

Although this is not a vocal processor, Presonus Studio One has seamless integration with most of these audio engines. Melodyne comes free with all editions of studio one, saving you the additional cost of purchasing a license. Thanks to ARA (Audio Random Access) technology, VocAlign and Melodyne both have instantaneous communication between plug-in and daw.

For more information on using these plug-in's, watch the video below: 

Below are links to all of the deals currently on offer from the developers:

Melodyne 4 essential

Melodyne 4 essential

VocAlign project 3

VocAlign project 3

Antares auto tune access

Antares auto tune Access

Presonus Studio One artist

Presonus Studio One Artist

Happy vocal editing!

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