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17 May 2019

Bob Moog Foundation and Native Instruments launch Modular Icons

producer/software Bob Moog Foundation and Native Instruments launch Modular Icons

Native Instruments just launched Modular Icons its the new member of the Play Series instruments for KONTAKT. They developed it together with the Bob Moog Foundation. Do you love modular synths? This is great for you! 

Legendary synth sounds

Modular Icons gives users an easy way to access the sounds of vintage modular synths. Instruments used in everything from prog rock and ambient recordings to modern EDM and film scoring. 

Presets draw on samples of incredibly rare instruments including Keith Emerson's iconic Moog modular and a wide variety of other vintage Moog modular synthesizers, as well as Buchla, ARP 2500 and 2600, Roland System 700, Polyfusion, Serge, EMS, EML, plus the legendary TONTO, made famous by Stevie Wonder, and reputed to be the most famous modular synth in the world.

To support the development of tomorrow's icons, Native Instruments is donating over 50% of sales to the Bob Moog Foundation - a non-profit organization dedicated to innovating, inspiring, and igniting creativity.

Pricing and availability

Modular Icons runs with Kontakt 6 and is now available for only €49!


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