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12 Dec 2018

Buy a piano? Pay attention to this when purchasing!

instruments/key-instruments Buy a piano? Pay attention to this when purchasing!

As a beginning musician, you may not know much about a piano. Do you want to buy a piano? But what should you pay attention to when purchasing? Do you want to buy a digital (electric) or acoustic piano, or maybe buy a keyboard? We will help you to make a good choice.

Buy a piano? You should pay attention to this.

You want to buy a piano - then there are many possibilities that you can take into account. First of all, what exactly is the difference between a

  • Piano
  • Digital Piano
  • Keyboard

Differences between a piano and a keyboard are the touch, the touch sensitivity, the number of keys, automatic accompaniment, the price and the sound. A piano has 88 keys, and a keyboard often has 25, 49 or 61 keys. A keyboard, therefore, lacks many octaves. Besides, the touch of the keys is entirely different. A keyboard often has plastic keys, and the feel and kickback are very light, and there is not always a touch response, unlike you're used to with a piano. This makes it difficult to play with a lot of dynamics (hard and soft). A keyboard often has a wide choice in different tones and types of instruments that you can use, and automatic accompaniments. Keyboards are generally much cheaper than pianos because there is less 'sophisticated' technology. Are you going to buy a piano? Then pay attention to the mentioned parts.

What are the differences between a digital piano and an acoustic piano

There are also some differences between an acoustic piano and a digital piano. In an acoustic piano, there is a complete mechanism of hammers and strings that are linked to different (sustain) pedals. An acoustic piano can therefore also become disturbed and must also be tuned (half) annually.

A digital piano generally tries to imitate an acoustic piano as well as possible. They are velocity sensitive, and the keys are weighted and sometimes have hammers on the keys just like an acoustic piano. When a key is pressed, an electric circuit is activated, which emits a pre-recorded tone from an acoustic piano to the (built-in) speakers.

Which piano to buy? Make the right choice.

An acoustic piano is fixed and can last up to 100 years if maintained well. Keyboards and digital (electric) pianos quickly lose their value through technical developments in the market. A keyboard, on the other hand, is already on sale from € 100, - a digital piano from € 350, - and an acoustic from € 1000, -. Both a keyboard and a digital piano can be adjusted in volume, with an acoustic piano this is not possible depending on the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages, and different options you have to find out which piano best suits your situation.

Besides buying a new piano, it is also possible to purchase a second-hand piano, and sometimes there are even free acoustic pianos on the internet due to lack of space. However, you have to take into account the fact that the piano has to be moved and that it has to be tuned again.

In the end

If you have no idea whether playing piano suits you, then it is advisable to take a few lessons, try an acoustic piano, or a keyboard, and see where you feel the most! Do you want to buy a piano? We have highlighted some models below.

Digitale piano buy less than €400,-

The ideal entry-level model from Yamaha: the P-45. This piano has a similar velocity curve as an acoustic piano. Also, the sounds are optimally represented by the specially developed loudspeaker system!


Price €387,-

Buy keyboard for less than €100,-

This keyboard is the ideal entry-level model for musicians in the cap. Compared to its predecessor, the CTK-1500 has a more significant number of timbres, and Casio has added the new Dance Music mode.

Price €95,-

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