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7 Jan 2019

Buy a studio subwoofer as a supplement for the low frequencies!

producer/hardware Buy a studio subwoofer as a supplement for the low frequencies!

Are you familiar with the Subpac? The portable subwoofer that does not let you hear the frequencies but feel it! The Subpac is based on the traditional subwoofer that cannot be missed in many music studios.

The essence of a subwoofer is that you can hear the low frequencies better because many studio monitors cannot give a good picture of this. Imagine that you are mixing and you have a bass line of a synth or a bass guitar? Then isn't it much nicer that it can be heard in the deep low spectrum of frequencies? This is essential for many productions.

If your track goes well, it will also be played in large venues or festivals. There is plenty of audio equipment present and even subwoofers at the front of the stage. Your bassline will also thump through it, and that is why it is essential that you adjust this well in the studio!

Pay attention to your neighbours or housemates ;)

To which functionalities should you pay attention?

Below are three essential parts that you have to take into account before buying a studio subwoofer. You have to customize and look if it fits in your settings and setup.

Studio subwoofer crossover

With crossover, you can adjust a studio subwoofer to the settings of your regular studio monitors. It is essential that the balance is right between the two speakers. The subwoofer should not predominate but be a correct addition to the low-frequency. Interplay is important, and this can be well arranged with crossover settings.

Studio subwoofer remote control

The subwoofers from Adam Audio have a remote control which can be very useful! So you do not have to crawl under the table to make an adjustment. This is not essential, but a beneficial option!

Studio subwoofer, which model fits your studio monitors?

Do you have a small set of studio monitors? Then you should not purchase a huge studio subwoofer. This also depends on the space in which you work. Do you have a large acoustically optimised area? Then you can choose a larger studio subwoofer again. Make sure that it is always in proportion with your studio monitors themselves.

It is complicated to compare studio subwoofers because it depends very much on your budget, studio monitors and space. We have made a top 5 of most popular studio subwoofers. Each type below also has a larger or smaller variant in the same series.

Genelec 7040A

Price: € 569, -

Eve Audio TS108 active studio subwoofer (with remote control)


Price: € 699, -

Adam Sub7 active DJ & studio subwoofer (including remote control)

Price: € 399, -

KRK 8s2 studio subwoofer

fbeeldingsresultaat voor KRK 8s2 studio subwoofer

Price: € 355, -

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