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8 Jan 2019

Buy Native Instruments Maschine Studio? The right choice?

producer/hardware Buy Native Instruments Maschine Studio? The right choice?

The largest in the Native Instruments Maschine family is the Studio. The Studio is a huge device which ensures that you no longer need your mouse and keyboard! In practice, this will turn out differently, and you will undoubtedly use your mouse, but the interface is very workflow-friendly.

With the all-in-one controller, you have complete control over the supplied Maschine software in the studio, and everything can be operated! There are two large full-colour displays built-in, although a computer screen cannot be replaced with the built-in displays.

The Maschine Studio has the following characteristics:

  • 2 full-colour displays
  • 2 extra large high-resolution colour screens
  • 16 high-quality multicolour, illuminated pads with touch response and aftertouch
  • 8 multi-colour group buttons
  • 8 endless rotary knobs
  • Foot pedal input
  • Includes Maschine 2.0 software and new drum synths

New characteristic features of the Maschine Studio are

  • 1 jog wheel with LED ring (30 steps) for fast browsing
  • LED meters
  • More buttons
  • 58 click buttons
  • 3 midi outputs
  • Lower CPU usage
  • Improved groups, routing and cue
  • Built-in tripod

Why buy a Maschine Studio?

Are you sure you want to continue with the Maschine software and are you a fan of the workflow? Then the Maschine Studio is worth considering. Taking into account your budget because it is the most expensive variant, with some improvements.

The Maschine Studio has a built-in tripod that slightly increases the Maschine. Also, there is a large LED ring wheel built in which you can easily search through the software. Another important feature is the built-in LED meters, which ensures that you can keep all eyes on the Maschine Studio instead of on your screen.

Buy Native Instruments Maschine Studio?

Price: € 569, -

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