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20 Oct 2018

Buying a drum computer? This are the 5 best drum computers in 2018

producer/hardware Buying a drum computer? This are the 5 best drum computers in 2018

The drum computer has a rich history. The first drum computer was the rhythmicon invented in 1930, later in 1963 the Japanese company Korg brought their first rhythm machine from the donca-Matic DA-20. The great breakthrough of the drum machines and also the synthesizers took place around 1980 and consisted mainly of the Roland TR-808, TR-909 and the Linn LM-1.

The drum computer is a digital drum instrument that can reproduce various percussion and translate different drum kits into sound.

The right choice

Do you want to make the right choice for yourself? Then you have to look carefully at what brand suits you. So you have standalone drum machines that you can use in principle without software, the sounds are really in the device itself. A good example of a standalone drum computer is the Roland TR-808, Artura Drumbrute and the Roland TR-8.

Native Instruments has the Machine MK3 that you can only use when you connect to your computer because all sounds are there with the software that comes with it. The mistake that is often made is that people think that the MK3 is a drum computer, that is not the case. The Machine MK3 is really a separate controller from Native Instruments itself.

The difference is also known in a digital drum computer or an analogue drum computer. In a digital version, you need software as control and in analogue sitting and sounds already processed in the drum computer itself.

Do you want to buy a drum computer? Curious about the best choice? We have made a top-5 for you.

The 5 best drum computers in 2018

1. Arturia DrumBrute analogue drum synthesizer (Inside Audio favourite)

Price €365,-

2. Elektron Digitakt drumcomputer

Price €617,-

3. Roland TR-08 Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer drum computer

Price €427,-

4. Korg Volca Beats drumcomputer

Price €136,-

5. Dave Smith Instruments Tempest analoge drumcomputer

Price €1752,-

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