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11 Dec 2018

Buying a field recorder? [Top 5 best field recorders]

producer/hardware Buying a field recorder? [Top 5 best field recorders]

Field recorders are very popular and well developed in recent years. A field recorder is used by various people such as a producer, foley artist, audio engineers, recordings for television, filmmakers and much more!

The primary purpose of a field recorder is what the name clearly indicates, 'Recording in the fields outside'. It is a portable audio interface that can be used on its own without a computer. This can be useful in many situations where you want to record a sound quickly and do not want to take a massive amount of equipment with you.

Recording regular things

As an example, a foley artist (someone who records the sounds for films, for example) uses a field recorder to record outside nature sounds that are mounted later in a film. On a video set is namely a lot of noise and the desired sound to be imitated with new sounds.

Foley artists also record sounds in music studies with traditional hardware. But if they have to go outside, a field recorder is often used.

In television interviews that are recorded at a different location than the TV Studio itself, the sound technician also has a field recorder. A multitrack field recorder is often used, making it possible for the sound technician to record and control multiple tracks via a single box of hardware. This is often incorporated in a shoulder bag so that it is easy to manage.

These are just two examples for which a field recorder can be used during practical situations.

Buying a Multitrack field recorder?

As described above, there are also more comprehensive field recorders that can be useful in various situations. It is possible to record more than four sprats with a multitrack field recorder, depending on the type.

With a more comprehensive multitrack field recorder, you also have more options to connect and control external microphones and even more.

A field recorder for your creativity as a producer

A lovely situation is the use of a field recorder by producers. It honours your creative process by always having a field recorder. You never know what kind of sound you encounter! Take, for example, Paul Kalkbrenner who, with his field recorder in Berlin, recorded sounds of the Metro and other situations in the city and then processed this very well in his productions. It can be purely a background sound for an intro or complete kicks, snares and hi-hats recorded with special sounds and much after editing.

Something for the creative producers!

The brands of field recorders

Below we have highlighted the most popular field recorders. The funny thing is that there are simply two brands that are very popular and difficult to distinguish regarding quality and popularity.

  1. Zoom
  2. Tascam

Zoom may be slightly more popular, but we do not have any figures! Both brands are excellent and popular!

1. Tascam DR-40 V2 four-channel digital audio recorder

fbeeldingsresultaat voor Tascam DR-40 V2 vierkanaals digitale aud

Price: € 169, -

2. Zoom H5 handheld audio recorder

fbeeldingsresultaat voor Zoom H5 handheld audiorecorder

Price: € 236, -

3. Zoom H1n Handy Recorder handheld audio recorder

Price: € 197, -

4. Zoom H4n Pro handheld recorder

fbeeldingsresultaat voor Zoom H4n Pro handheld recorder

Price: € 207, -

1. Zoom F4 MultiTrack field recorder

Price: € 515, -

2. Zoom F8n multitrack field recorder

Price: € 1134, -

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