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12 Dec 2018

Buying a laptop or computer for music production? Read this first!

producer/hardware Buying a laptop or computer for music production? Read here what to look out for

You want to buy a laptop or computer for your music production(s)? Which operating system is best for you? What kind of processor or hard disk do you need? What do you have to pay attention to? We will help you to make a good choice.

Buy the right laptop or computer

Nowadays it is possible for everyone to produce music on your laptop or computer, however, producing music is a complex and intensive process and therefore it is important that you use the right equipment.

Choosing a good laptop or computer for music production depends on several factors:

  • The DAW software used
  • The number of plugins you use
  • The processor speed (comparable to at least one i5 processor)
  • Excellent hard drive (minimum 5400 RPM)
  • The RAM memory (at least 8GB)
  • The type of music you make
  • Size of the screen
  • Battery life
  • Number of USB ports

Take a laptop or computer preferably with an SSD disk. This is the fastest option of disk editing which ensures that samples and plug-ins load faster and that recording and editing are quicker and better than a traditional hard disk. Every kind of production requires different specifications when you record audio tracks you need different specs than when you make full productions and use different VST plug-ins. That is why it is wise to think about purchasing a laptop or computer what you want to do with it, taking into account the fact that you may want to have more options at your disposal in the future.

Choice of operating system

In addition to the specifications for your laptop or computer, there is also a difference in the operating system. Also, the option for the operating system depends on many factors, and often there is a choice between Windows or Apple. Of course, every operating system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits with an Apple laptop or computer

  • It generally lasts longer
  • Software and hardware is from the same manufacturer

Disadvantages with an Apple laptop or computer

  • Not compatible be used with Windows software

Benefits with a Windows laptop or computer

  • Lots of free software and VST plug-ins and tools
  • More choice in operating system and specifications

Disadvantages with a Windows laptop or computer

  • Laptops are often less robust and battery life is very bad

In the end

It is not easy to buy a new laptop or computer for your music productions. There are many options that you have to take into account because it is a product that you have to be able to improve for years. Therefore, make sure you take time to compare different laptops or computers with each other to make the best choice.

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