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10 Jan 2019

Buying a streaming microphone? This can help you!

producer/hardware Buying a streaming microphone? This can help you!

Do you stream on Twitch/YouTube/Mixer and want to know what kind of microphone you need? Do you want to stream the highest possible quality? Read on, because this article can help you!

There are still many questions without an answer. For example, people ask why you need a good streaming microphone and not a headset-microphone. Headset microphones are usually low quality. This gives many people the idea to buy a streaming microphone so that you can be heard loud and clear.

Gaming or Streaming?

Want to get the best out of gaming? Use a microphone so that everyone can hear you! Communication is key!


If you are going to use your microphone only for gaming and nothing else, you can think of buying a headset microphone. Instead of spending a lot of money on a studio microphone, you can buy a budget microphone that comes with headphones, but there is also a variant where the microphone is paired with the earbuds/headset cable. They are incredibly cheap and still able to pass your voice over.


For broadcasting, it is important that you buy a high-quality microphone. People love good quality, both for sight and sound. So, purchasing a high-quality microphone is essential for a streamer. If you are going to buy a microphone for streaming, make sure you have a pop filter/windscreen.

Pop filter

A pop filter is often used with a streaming microphone. As the name implies, it filters the 'pop' away. If you talk in a microphone, and you want to say the letter 'p', it can sometimes give you a distorted sound. A pop filter ensures that the distorted sound sounds pure.


Some important things make the difference between USB and XLR. This is very important to know before you choose a streaming microphone.


  • Lower budget
  • Plug and play

USB-microphones are easy to install. Sometimes they are plug-and-play, which means you only have to connect the microphone to your PC or other devices and you're ready to go! You don't need an extra audio interface to connect it, so also a lower budget. A USB-microphone is seen as an audio interface by the computer. If you want to record multiple microphones at the same time or connect multiple instruments together with your microphone, then a USB-microphone is not an option.


  • Higher quality
  • Higher budget
  • Audio interface required
  • For professional use

There is at least one important thing you need to know about an XLR microphone. You always need an audio interface. So, your budget should be a bit higher compared to USB microphones. With an audio interface, you can connect studio monitors for the sound, you can also connect 1 or more additional devices/instruments/microphones for multiple recording options.


If you want to stream the highest quality, you should also think about high-quality sound. Not only the product is important, but also interaction with the viewers is essential! If you are a new streamer, starting with a USB-microphone is the best option!

Trust GXT252+ Emita Plus Streaming Microphone

If you want good quality but don't want to spend too much money, then we definitely recommend this microphone. This is a typical streaming-microphone. You do not have to look further for a pop filter or a shock mount, because Trust has all taken care of this!

Price: €129,-

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