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14 Feb 2019

Buying an acoustic guitar? You should pay attention to this.

instruments/stringinstruments Buying an acoustic guitar? You should pay attention to this.

As a beginning musician you may not know so much about which acoustic guitar suits you best, or what kind of music you want to play with it. Where should I pay attention to when purchasing a guitar for beginners? What kind of guitar suits me? We will help you to make a good choice.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing an (cheap) acoustic guitar?

Are you going to play acoustic guitar for the first time? It is often recommended to purchase a classic acoustic guitar with nylon strings. The reason is that nylon strings are lighter and easier to press on the frets. In addition, the neck of a classical acoustic guitar is often wider and this helps you to learn your first chords. You can, of course, also start playing an acoustic guitar with steel strings, it will only cost you a little more effort.

Which acoustic guitar to buy?

What kind of acoustic guitar depends on the genre you want to play, each type of acoustic guitar has a different sound. It is recommended to try out the different models and see which acoustic guitar sounds best in your opinion. As a beginner this can be difficult, because the sound often sounds very similar and you have not yet developed hearing that can make this distinction.

Kind of guitar linked to a genre (this can be different for everyone).

  • Classical guitar: Classical, Jazz, Latin
  • Acoustic guitar: Pop, Rock, Folk,
  • Electric guitar: Rock, Metal, Blues
  • Electric guitar (hollow body): Jazz, Blues, Reggae

In addition to the model of the guitar, the type of wood, the shape of the body and the sound of the guitar determines what kind of sound comes from it. Also, the strings used and, with an electric guitar, the pickups (magnetic coils) determine the sound. It is often the case that heavy wood with a high density resonates better and therefore has a fuller sound. Our advice is therefore to buy a guitar with a solid top.

Where should I buy an acoustic guitar?

If you are a bit technical, or maybe you have more knowledge of acoustic guitars, then it is advisable to look for a second hand guitar for beginners. This can save a lot of money! A disadvantage of this is that you have no guarantee or servicing contact when something happens to it. In addition, there are many music stores that always have enough in stock.

Do not overhurry the decision which acoustic guitar you want to buy, sometimes it is better to think about it for a few days instead of approaching it impulsively. It is important to see and hold the guitar you want to buy in real life. Even if you do not dare to play well for others, it is important that you can play your (maybe) potential future acoustic guitar to see if the neck feels nice, the sound suits you and if it feels right. Therefore always look at various factors when you want to buy an (inexpensive) acoustic guitar.

Are you buying an acoustic guitar? - here are 4 guitars under € 200,-

Ibanez AN60 AEW Natural Low Gloss westernguitar (cheapest arcoustic guitar)

Price: €182,-

Click here for more information.

Yamaha C40M classic 4/4 natural guitar

The Yamaha C40M is a beautiful classic beginner guitar. He has a nice meranti front and back and a moody matte finish.

Price: €143,-

Click here for more information.

Yamaha C40M classic 4/4 natural guitarl

The F310 from Yamaha is a steel-stringed folk guitar. He has 21 frets, a dreadnought style body and a beautiful sound. This guitar is ideal for the novice guitarist.

Price: €143,-

Click here for more information.

Fender CD-60 Pack starter package western guitar natural

With the CD-60S Fender offers an excellent acoustic western guitar for a friendly price. This renewed version features a top of solid spruce (solid spruce), for an even better sound!

Price: €179,-

Click here for more information.

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