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5 Jan 2019

Buying studio furniture? Read this article first!

producer/hardware Buying studio furniture? Read this article first!

The new generation of producers often uses an ordinary desk as a producer desk and studio furniture. Do you want a bit more charisma and a desk that is made specifically for a studio? Then you soon arrive at studio furniture.

One of the main reasons we come across to purchase studio furniture is the possibility to place 19'inch hardware. But what is that?

Above shows a picture of a Focusrite 18i20, as you can see on the sides, you have 4 holes for screws. 19-inch stands for the format that fits in a 19-inch rack, with which you can return to studio furniture that often has possibilities for this.

With this option, you can also place different hardware modules in a rack made for this purpose (19-inch rack). Hardware such as a reverb module, compressor, audio interface, level meters and much more can be placed without any problems!

However, It is beneficial to think in advance carefully if you are going to purchase such hardware, which is useful to know if you are going to buy studio furniture!

Output inc.

The American brand Output, which is mainly known for its high-quality and innovative plug-ins, has brought high-quality studio furniture to the market. Many companies that create studio furniture tend to make them look very traditional. But perhaps that is also desirable - depending on your situation.

It is, in any case, a nice and affordable desk with enough 19-inch rack space!


DJ or producer

As a DJ you have to look at a completely different type of furniture, a so-called DJ booth or DJ furniture. On most studio furniture there is no room for a DJ Set-up.

Some other things that you need to consider when looking at suitable studio furniture are:

  • The aforementioned 19-inch options
  • The size of the key-board-tray and is there one at all?
  • Is the height adjustable from the desk?
  • How many screens fit on the desk?
  • What type of wood has been used?
  • How does your desired setup fit on the desk?

Do you have any questions about the right studio furniture? Let us know in a comment!

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