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18 May 2019

Buying studio monitor stands and isolation? These are your options!

producer/hardware Buying studio monitor stands and isolation? These are your options!

Through the vibrations that arise when playing music, you create vibrations through everything that the studio monitor is connected to. For example, have you positioned your studio monitors on your desk? Then it is possible that everything vibrates and also the form of audio changes.

That is why studio monitor insulation is a must-have with any pair of good studio monitors. If you also want to detach your monitors from your desk and create more space? Then you can perfectly combine it with studio monitor stands.

The essence is that only air should vibrate, but not the rest of your space and accessories.

Buying studio monitor stands

Concerning studio monitor stands you have a number of choices. Below we show a few and give you a brief explanation!


IsoAcoustics is a well-known brand that specializes in a number of solutions for studio monitor insulation. This gives you a stand that is also adjustable in height and offers high-quality insulation.


Simple table top monitor stand

There are several table top stands that raise the speaker so that they are at ear height. However, the insulating effect is often missing.

Lifted studio monitor stands

The advantage of these stands is that you can easily turn the studio monitors, so that they are at 90 degrees towards your ears. In addition, the height is important and they are separate from your desk, resulting in less vibration and more room on your desk.

Buying studio monitor isolation?

You can also make a combination of studio monitor stands and place studio monitor foam underneath, so that you are sure that the insulation is good! You have different types of affordable foam sets, the most famous being from Auralex - but different shops also have their own cheaper brands.

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