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4 Sep 2018

Choose bad sounds

producer/techniques Choose bad sounds

When producing, you want to have a mix with a good sound (sound). For this it is important that you choose good sounds to use in your production, this is often underestimated. Yes, you can make a bad sounding sound better with different plugins, but it will never be really good. It all starts at the source. A bad singer can never make you sound like an Adele, even if you use autotune and 100 other plugins. Adele is a great singer, so when she starts singing, it almost sounds very good. The 'source' (in this case Adèle) is already of top quality. It also works with, for example, choosing the right drum sounds. The search for good sounds can be boring and take a long time, but it's definitely worth it. Your goal is ultimately that you are completely satisfied with every sound that is in your production. Your music is, as it were, your 'baby'? Who deserves the best? Right. So do that extra effort, otherwise, you will sleep poorly at night.

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