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22 Nov 2018

Considering buying FL Studio? Read this and make the right choice!

producer/software Considering buying FL Studio? Read this and make the right choice!

All right! You are orienting which DAW is suitable for you? Pay attention because this is an important choice. If you plan to buy FL Studio you have three critical options/steps that you have to make and which you have to think about.

1. Do you want to work with FL Studio and not with another DAW?

2. Which version of FL Studio do you need?

3. Crack or buy?

In this article, we will continue to help you make the right choice and provide quality advice. Do you still have specific questions about this subject? Let us know in a comment under this article!

Buy FL Studio or another DAW?

Is FL Studio the right choice for you? FL Studio is one of the most popular DAWs (Digital audio workstations). The popularity is partly because FL Studio is relatively easy to crack, so you can obtain it illegally without having to pay for it. Other DAWs such as Ableton and Logic Pro X is harder to get illegally.

Since the end of 2018 FL Studio is also fully available on Apple computers, this makes the barrier smaller and has become a more accessible product. Ableton works with Windows and Apple, and Logic Pro X only works on Apple computers.

Our opinion, what we would say in the Netherlands, is that it is the chef in the kitchen who makes the food tasty or tasteless, not the kitchen itself. This is also the case for all different plugins and DAWs that are for sale. It is true that the standard plugins that are supplied with Ableton and Logic Pro X are in terms of quality better.

It also has partly to do with the genre that you are going to make. Nearly all hip-hop producers use FL Studio because you can quickly put an idea down with the help of the step sequencer. FL Studio is perfect for quickly working out an idea digitally, but the workflow in other DAWs is considered less favourable by the majority. It is also just what you are used to. For techno, you see, for example, that Ableton is very popular because the live possibilities in Ableton are also very extensive.

Do you work a lot with recording a guitar and vocals? Then Logic Pro X will be very organized, and FL Studio will do a lot less. Every DAW has its advantages and disadvantages!

Which version of FL Studio do you need?

There are many different versions of FL Studio available from cheap to very expensive! Which version is right for you? Below we have made an overview of the available versions.

All versions of FL Studio have lifelong free updates and consist of a one-time payment. You pay and get what you see including free updates! So you do not have to worry about additional costs in the future. Do you buy at Bax Shop? Then you get a nice box including USB and more!

FL Studio Fruity Edition

Price: €89,-

Important features and differences:

With the cheapest version, the question is: what is not possible? The version is very limited so you can not record audio, have limited playlist features, and cannot use audio clips. There are also very few plugins available. In the sequencer, you can play around with different sounds.

FL Studio Producer Edition

Price: € 199, -

Important features and differences:

This is undoubtedly the most popular version of FL Studio and, in contrast to the Fruity Edition, has all recording and playlist features with 8 major plugins consisting of:

  • Sytrus (FL Only)
  • Maximus (FL Only)
  • Edison (FL Only)
  • Slicex (FL Only)
  • Vocodex (FL Only)
  • FL Flowstone (FL Only)
  • GMSynth (FL Only)
  • Bass drum (FL Only)

FL Studio Signature Bundle

Price: € 289, -

Important features and differences:

This bundle has the same possibilities as the producer edition. But then, instead of 8 plugins, 15 plugins included.

  • Sytrus (FL Only)
  • Maximus (FL Only)
  • Edison (FL Only)
  • Slicex (FL Only)
  • Vocodex (FL Only)
  • FL Flowstone (FL Only)
  • GMSynth (FL Only)
  • Bass drum (FL Only)
  • Harmless (FL Only)
  • Gross Beat (FL Only)
  • Hardcore (FL Only)
  • Direct Wave (FL Only
  • Newtone (FL Only)
  • Pitcher (FL Only)
  • Video Player (FL Only)

FL Studio All plugins

Price: € 803.59, -

Important features and differences:

The complete list of plugins that FL Studio knows. This is fun, but in practice, you will often work with external plugins such as Serum, Nexus or Sylenth1. Only if you have enough money for it and you know that you are going to use it, we recommend this version!

  • Drumaxx (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • Groove Machine (AU / VST / SA
  • Harmor (FL / VST / SA)
  • Juice Pack (VST)
  • Morphine (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • Ogun (FL / VST)
  • PoiZone (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • Sakura (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • Sawer (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • Toxic Biohazard (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • DirectWave (FL / VST)
  • Hardcore (FL / AU / VST / SA)
  • Harmless (FL / VST)
  • Slicex (FL / VST / SA)
  • Vocodex (FL / VST)
  • NewTone (FL Only)
  • Pitcher (FL Only)
  • VideoPlayer 2 (FL Only)
  • Edison WAV editor (FL / VST / SA)
  • Gross Beat (FL / VST)
  • Maximus (FL / VST)
  • Transient Processor (FL Only)
  • Transistor Bass (FL Only
  • Sytrus (FL / VST)
  • FL Studio Signature Bundle

FL Studio cracking or buying?

Take your hobby seriously and pay for your software is our advice! The Producer Edition has more than enough to start and is affordable. If not you will have a lot of trouble with updates every time to update what you will cost lots of time. The fact that old projects and other bugs are no longer working can also be blamed for the illegal use of FL Studio.

Being cheap is expensive in the long-run, and it only costs you a lot of time and effort the more you work with it! Just buy the Producer Edition or a different version! Do you still want to use it for free? Good luck with the search and watch out for viruses!

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